Locally Sourced

The University of Wisconsin has nearly 2000 acres of land just north of Madison in the village of Arlington, WI. This Agricultural Research station is composed of 12 individual livestock and crop units. The majority of fresh cuts at Bucky’s Butchery comes from these farms in Arlington. Other meats are brought in from a local wholesaler in Middleton, Wisconsin, UW Provisions. Researchers in the Animal Sciences program study the livestock and seek to raise them in a healthy environment to produce high-quality meat.


Beef at Arlington are raised both on pasture and in feedlot setting. Currently, experts are researching how different feedstuffs affect growth enhancement and meat quality. Another study currently taking place is investigating the genetics of twin offspring and the genotypes associated with the maintenance of pregnancy.
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This sheep unit sits on approximately 50 acres of pasture and consists of two main barns to house mature ewes with their lambs. The University focuses on four main breeds of sheep: Targhee, Hampshire, Rambouillet, and Polypay. Researchers here are focusing on improving production genetics as well as prolificacy in ewes.
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The swine facility operates similar to that of a traditional commercial operation. Hogs are housed together in a temperature controlled environment with 24 hour access to feed and water. Hogs eat a primarily corn and soybean, high protein diet.
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