Orders & Requests

Whether you’re looking to order something as large as a side of pork to as specific as the unsung “oyster steak,” the crew at Bucky’s Butchery will do their best to meet your needs.
Please send your requests to Meatlab@ansci.wisc.edu

Contact meatlab@ansci.wisc.edu for additional information and individual order forms. Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis. Rate in which orders are filled are based off amount of bulk orders placed and the demand from our retail store. When order forms are submitted, customers are added to a queue and will be contacted when meat is ready to be picked up.

Bulk Order Prices


Side – $3.30/lb hanging weight

averaging $1320.00

Forequarter – $3.25/lb hanging weight

averaging $660.00

Hindquarter- $3.35/lb hanging weight

averaging $660.00

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Side – $200
Whole Hog – $395

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Whole – $4.00/lb hanging weight

averaging $280.00

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